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Automated Six-Figure "Business-In-A-Box" Brings In Passive Profits 24/7 Easily...

If you want to break into the Personal Development niche, but need a proven best-selling offer, then listen up because you're about to discover my six-figure sales system that's already brought in a whopping $113,578.45 in passive profits and still growing...

You don't even need a web site, because I've automated the entire process down to just 1-click. (it's like a complete "done for you" personal development business-in-a-box!)

But first, I'm going to reveal something a little crazy.

Something you've most likely never heard before in your life, and although I know you *think* you've heard it all before... just wait until you hear WHY I got so fed up, I deleted my list of 250,539 subscribers in the IM niche!

After TEN Years of Internet Marketing, I Became SO Fed Up with the Lies, The Scams, The Frauds, The B.S. Products, Services And "Solutions" That Only Take Advantage Of People In Their GREATEST Times Of Hope, Need And Desperation...

That I Decided to Change It, or Starve!

It was all too much.

I truly wanted to help people.

And I spent years developing a huge following doing that. But when the industry itself preys on the hopes and dreams of people, and reduces them to nothing more than a number on a statistics sheet...

It's enough to make you physically nauseous.

So... I deleted my list.

250k+ subscribers, gone. Just like that.

Do I regret it? Sometimes I do.

Overnight, that decision caused my income to go from an average of $40k-60k a month, to ZERO.

But it also forced me to think.

After all, my family's well-being was suddenly in jeopardy.

I had to start all over again, and the only thing I've made money with was Internet Marketing...

So, I found myself facing a harsh reality...

A) Sacrifice my integrity to support my family

B) Create a self-sustaining business from my passion (and start completely from scratch in personal development)

Well... after some deep soul searching, I decided to combine my eleven years of in-depth study of Mind Power, manifesting, Law of Attraction, self-healing, consciousness and more into a book... 

And that book became Uberman.

The methods, experiments and techniques inside my book Uberman were never meant to be sold.

I had no idea how the "outside world" would see it, or what they would think about it.

I knew the methods and techniques worked, because they worked for me. I used them to write the book, and even to attract just the right people who would promote the book and make it an online best-seller.

Then it went out, and I was *astounded* at the results...

Uberman Was A SMASH HIT!

Why is that? Because it REALLY DOES help people. (And now, you can too...)
But First... I'm Going to Reveal Another Shocking Secret
Uberman is a bestseller and makes me money on autopilot every day -- BUT, it isn't what brings in more than 80% of my income in the Personal Development niche!

I can say with supreme confidence that what I'm about to share with you has realistic and genuine potential to increase your current income by at least a factor of $2,000-$5,000+ extra, EVERY month.

No false promises here. Over the years I've uncovered digital products that compliment my Uberman book, and the vast majority of my income is generated as a "Personal Development" Super Affiliate.

I've Tested Hundreds Of Different Emails, All Kinds Of Different Products And Have DELETED Every Email That Doesn't Sell Like Hotcakes!

After I mail out, I regularly get sincere "thank you" emails from my subscribers and customers.

What's left after hundreds of trials and tests after years of testing, are the CREAM of the CROP, highest converting emails for the BEST products in personal development, with almost ZERO refunds!

You can inject these email campaigns into your existing self-help, personal development or related business and I can GUARANTEE your income will increase, nearly overnight. That's a PROMISE.

Take A Look At The Entire Email Marketing System Below!

Here is the marketing funnel (in a nutshell)

Squeeze Page
Front-end Sales Page
Downsell Discount Page
Download Page with Upsell Option

This System is my "secret weapon" that works BETTER than any other method I've ever used to make money online, while keeping my integrity, and making a REAL positive change in people's lives, on a daily basis!

The entire setup takes only THREE Easy Steps... And Just 1-Click!
  • First, you create a new list (with full video training)
  • Next, you input a total of THREE "Text Snippets"
  • Finally, you insert a special secret "1-click code" into your autoresponder that completely populates your entire message sequence with the SAME winning email campaigns I've been using to generate the majority of my income online!

My business development consultations regularly command fees in excess of $5,000 per hour...

I've charged as much as $15,000-$50,000 for premium marketing services and copywriting...
And that still doesn't include more than one hundred thousand tweaks, split-tests, re-writes and all the constant, incremental improvements I've built into this system, to turn it into a sales-getting, lead generating powerhouse.

I've poured my heart and soul into this incredible marketing system.

I've spent thousands upon thousands of my own dollars in tested advertising methods, resources and placing ads in newsletters related to Self Help, Personal Development and Self Improvement to suck in the sales and rake in autopilot affiliate commissions...

What I'm offering you today is an exact Carbon Copy of my entire business, that really can put $2,000-$5,000 or more in your bank account every single month, just like it does for me!

That said, $4,997 for my Affiliate Domination System is a damn good price for the Return on Investment...

But that might keep it out of reach of those who need it most...

Entrepreneurs who just want to get to the next level of their success, or get more exposure for their own personal development-themed products and services, want to do it as quickly and cost-efficient as possible...

So instead of charging $4,997, I thought about charging half.

And yes, that's a steal of a deal considering you're getting over $15,000 worth of sales-generating copywriting, cutting-edge marketing materials and more...

All tested and tweaked to get the highest conversions possible, and DONE FOR YOU, setup into an existing, automated system, where all you have to do is enter a code and fill in a couple of fields, click save and YOU'RE DONE.

BUT WAIT... I'm going out on a limb here. I really want as many people to succeed with this as possible, so I'm going to make you a RIDICULOUSLY LOW offer you simply can't refuse...

Remember, you're getting an entire marketing system I've developed that's already made me over $113,578.45 (and growing) -- including my high converting lead capture page, proven sales letter, all the marketing materials, copy, warm-up emails, plus 80+ follow-up messages selling the hottest products in the Personal Development niche...

If you're lucky enough to be among the first to read this letter and take immediate action, you get the complete Affiliate Domination System v2.0, including 80+ winning email campaigns of the highest converting products in the personal development industry... with a "no questions asked" 60 day money-back guarantee for a one-time payment of only...

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